This is a bittersweet announcement -

There will not be a 2020 St. Mary's Quilt Show.  Ron and I have decided that we must put the Quilt Show aside and move on to the next chapter in our lives.  Alas, no one has come forward to manage this huge undertaking - it is really a full time job!

A big thank-you to Father Ed and the Community of St. Mary Church.

Thank you to all of our Sponsors, Vendors, Volunteers and Quilters.  Together, this is what we accomplished in five years:

  • We made this event a spectacular, one of a kind, Quilt Show.

  • We greeted and delighted over 8,500 guests

  • We displayed over 650 unique, spectacular quilts

  • We served over 5,500 delicious lunches

  • We expanded the show from two to three days

  • We provided an excellent, profitable venue for our vendors

  • We raised $114,000 for the St. Mary/St. Joseph Society of St Vincent de Paul.  With these funds, two buildings were constructed, an Office and a Pantry.  This allows SVDP to generously serve the people in our greater community.

Although we will miss the St. Mary's Quilt Show, we treasure the new friends made, and the spirit that made this event such a delight.  If you had the opportunity to attend, you know what I mean!  I look forward to keeping in touch with all those who were involved.

Thanks for the Memories!

Lorraine and Ron Nilson

One of Several Gardens at St. Mary's 

St. Mary Catholic Church   Plantersville, Texas

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