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Advertising Options:


There will be two ways to advertise this year - Tote Bags or Cafe Liners. 

Tote bags - 170 quilts from our show will be returned to our Quilters in tote bags.  Your advertising can be featured on a removable sheet inside a pocket in the bag.  A 3 1/2'' x 4" space is $50.  This is a great way to target quilters, especially with a coupon!

Cafe tray liners - We have personal trays for our Cafe patrons to assist them in carrying their luch and drink.  Last year we served over 2,200 lunches!  You can advertise on our tray liners - a fresh liner for each lunch.  A  3" X 4" space is $75.

We will need the exact copy you want in your advertisement in digital format.

Offering a coupon for discount is a great way to track the success of your advertising.