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Pavilion Quilts

Besides the quilts in St. Mary's Church, we will have a display of "Sampler" or "Block of the Month" quilts in the Pavilion. These quilts will be outside but well protected and under cover. Don't send any fragile quilts for this exhibit, but send a quilt that can be "aired". We will not have "stories" for these quilts - we will just enjoy their beauty.

Please click the button below to access and print the registration form and enter your "Sampler" or "Block of the Month" quilt to be displayed in the Pavilion.

Questions?  Contact Lorraine Nilson 713.882.5850 or or 155 W Palm Blvd. Montgomery, Texas  77356.

Instructions:  Please email or mail your Information and Consent Form and Quilt Registration Form no later than March 23, 2018. Quilts are accepted by application.  First received, first accepted.

  • We ask that you send your Information and Consent Form (one per person) and your Quilt Registration Form (one per quilt, 2 quilt maximum for church and 2 quilt maximum for pavilion) as soon as possible so we can make an informational laminated sheet for each quilt. It is never too early to send consent and registration forms!  Quilts are accepted on a first in, first accepted basis.  Don’t miss out on the thrill of seeing your quilt in the St. Mary's Quilt Show!

  • This show will not be judged. There will be ribbons and prizes awarded for "People's Choice". Sponsors may also award ribbons for their favorite quilts.

  • Quilts that require special handling should not be offered.  Quilts will be folded, stacked, boxed, etc., for transport.  Of course, all quilts will be handled with loving care.  

  • Definition of a quilt for our show:  a quilt is two layers of fabric, with a filling, containing hand or machine quilting. Exceptions to this definition include Crazy quilts or cathedral windows. No mass produced quilts, please.

  • All entries will be accepted and displayed at the discretion of the quilt show arrangers. Quilts may be folded to accommodate display constraints. We will do our best to show off your quilt! 

  • Quilts do not need a sleeve for our show.

  • Quilts may be offered for sale by the owner. The sale transaction will be solely between the owner and buyer. We request 10% of the purchase price as a donation if your quilt is sold.

  • Staff and volunteers will be on hand throughout the show to prevent guests from handling your quilt. The church and hall will be locked during the overnight hours.

  • You will receive a claim check when you deliver your quilt on the delivery dates following. We will notify all entries where the delivery and pickup location will be.  It will be in the Montgomery area.

  • Delivery:
              -   April 10, Tuesday 9A to Noon
               -  April 11, Wednesday 1P to 5P
               -  April 12, Thursday 4P till 7P
  • Pick-up: There is no pick-up on Saturday after the show. Please make sure you have your claim check or an ID for pick-up.
                 -  May 1, Tuesday 9A to Noon
                 -   May 2, Wednesday, 1P to 5P
                 -  May 3, Thursday 4P to 7P 
  • The owner of the submitted quilt understands that no insurance for this item will be available during the time the quilt is delivered until it is returned to the owner.  Understanding these conditions, the owner agrees to release St. Mary's Quilt Show, and all people involved, from any liability for the unlikely event of vandalism, fire, theft, flood, or any other cause during the time the quilt is in our possession.  
  • If possible, please email a digital picture of your quilt, hanging on a display rack, to Otherwise, please include a photo of your quilt with the registration form.

It is never too early to send your Registration and Consent Forms!